The Importance of Dog Crates

A dog crate can work wonders for you and your dog. As dogs have den instincts, dog crates serve as a natural den, a safe haven for them to sleep in and rest. In order to enforce these benefits, owners must be sure that a dog is not bothered when a dog enters his/her crate. Remember that in the wild, the den is the only place where a dog feels safe and secure, probably the only place from becoming some predators meal.


For us humans, K9 crates give us the peace of mind we need as dog owners. A good crate assures us that our dog is safe and secure. Dogs won’t have the chance to be chew up the rug or chase the neighbor’s cat when we’re out. Dog crates can be used as a portable dog house when travelling on land, on sea, or in the air!


Check out this dog traveling on the tarmac to his plane inside his crate!

In addition, a dog crate can serve as an effective home training tool for dogs that haven’t been housebroken. Most dogs will almost never defecate or urinate in their  crate given that the crate is of the right size and that the dog is not able to break out of them. Just remember that a crate that is too big may cause a dog to use the bathroom inside. However a crate that is too small will self defeat the purpose of having a crate all together because crate should never be uncomfortable for your pet(s). Dog crates should be an extension of your home, a refuge from danger and the surrounding environment.

What kind dog crate should I get?

There are many kinds of dog crates out in the market today. The two common kinds of crates are made out of plastic or metal.


A plastic dog crate ready for transport!

A plastic dog crate ready for transport!

Plastic is great because it is light and highly portable but is not as durable as an aluminum crate. Also, plastic crates are great for cold seasons in that they insulate heat really well. However, plastic can be uncomfortable and lethal during the hot seasons. Furthermore, a dog has a higher chance of breaking out of a plastic crate than a metal one.

Aluminum or other metal crates such as steel are very durable and can last a lifetime (both the dog and its owner). Metal crates are very strong and contain the dog very well. They are great during the hot seasons and most of the time have great ventilation due to the number of wholes they have in them. The cons of metal crates is that they are heavy and about three time more expensive than plastic crates. However, both problems are worth it if you think long term!

A metal collapsible dog crate with extra security.

A metal collapsible dog crate with extra security.

Then there are the wire crates (kennels). They offer the best ventilation and are mostly collapsible but do not offer a dog protection from external elements (sun, wind, and rain).

Keep in mind that here are many types of crates of different designs and brands. There are some that blend in with furniture, are collapsible, are made for in-car only, and others that only the military and police will use. All in all, we recommend that you choose what you think is best for you and your dog. If you want an all winner selection, we strongly suggest that you get an airline approved crate. Make sure the crate is the right size for your dog. The decision to have the crate in metal or plastic is entirely your choice but metal will last lover compare dto a plastic crate. Airline approve crates are fine to use for transport on cars, boats, planes, and even as a backup in case of an emergency.

What kind of crate do we use?

These days we mainly use military approved collapsible aluminum crates. They are heavy but because they are collapsible and very durable. They are also just as portable as plastic crates since they can be made to be the size of a suitcase. We have a few plastic crates for our dogs but we mainly use them for backups and transport.

Is there training needed for a dog to use a crate?

Yes. Some dogs may find it easy to adapt to a crate while others may find it difficult.  Therefore, it is best for the owner to make their dogs understand that a crate is their home. A place where nobody can touch them.

The major problem that most owners find with their dogs and crates is that their dog breaks out of them. This problem almost always happen with a plastic crate. If this has ever happened to you, upgrade to a metal crate.

Another serious problem that owners have with crates is that when a dog is unable to relax in their crates. Dogs that go berserk have the potential to injure themselves. We’ve seen dogs cut their mouths, noses, and hands because they are not able to relax in their crate.  The solution to this is to crate train your dog by slowly introducing them to the crate. Start out but placing some treats in the crate and let the dog go in on their own accord. Do this slowly to the point where you can close the crate and have the dog stay in.  Continue practicing until you can have your dog stay in for several hours at a time.

Remember that dog crates are very important and that it isn’t the only equipment and training they need. Dogs needs shelter, good quality food, proper socialization, obedience training, and regular health checkups by competent veterinarians!  K9 Crates offer shelter and protection for both you and your pet. These crates also  make traveling safer and more convenient for you and your dog!

Good luck and we hope this has been helpful! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Thank you!